Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Criminal Cast

The following individuals are the primary criminals in the criminal activity and corruption I'll be relating in this blog known to me at this time. In this posting, I'll cite the crimes of each without giving the abundant, interrelated evidence in support of this. This evidence is documents, compelling circumstantial evidence, and actions of the named individuals. Evidence is covered in the course of the chapters of my book-in-progress; an annotated contents of this book with links to chapters is in the right column of this blog; or I will give the evidence to anyone interested if they contact me directly at

The primary criminals are:

James T. Shearin, partner of the Pullman and Comley law firm, currently head of the litigation department: Stole close to $6,000.00 of medical films of mine; lied that I had ever dropped off my films at the Bridgeport office of the Pullman and Comley law firm; made false statements to law-enforcement officials; tampered with evidence, witness tampering, forgery, perjury, and conspiracy with regard to these crimes to try to further cover-up the original crime of theft.

Jonathan Benedict, current Fairfield County State's Attorney, and one of the lead prosecutors in the Michael Skakel case: has knowledge of an illegal wiretap on my phone; cover-up of the illegal wiretap; in a civil case, a judge ruled that he has in effect admitted to my allegations of an illegal wiretap by his office and that he is involved in the cover-up of it after he refused to turn over documents relating to the illegal wiretap to me; involved with the criminal element in his office, the Pullman and Comley attorneys James T. Shearin and Timothy A. Bishop, and judge L. Scott Melville in cover-up of the theft of my films; complicit with the criminal element in his office of witness intimidation of me.

Timothy A. Bishop: former associate lawyer at the Pullman and Comley law firm, currently a principle in the Stratford, CT, law firm Bishop, Jackson, Kelly: involved with James T. Shearin in the theft of my medical films and the cover-up of it; more or less same crimes as listed above under James T. Shearin.

L. Scott Melville, former and now partly retired judge of the Bridgeport Superior Court: illegally misdirected court documents relating to contempt of court against Pullman and Comley attorneys James T. Shearin and Timothy A. Bishop (and also the Hartford lawyer Anita Varunes for submitting a perjurious affidavit) for forgery, witness tampering, tampering with evidence, perjury, and conspiracy relating to evidence of their theft and cover-up of it; by his misdirection of the court documents so that he would rule on them, covered-up his own illegal relationship with the others; presumed to have taken a bribe or some other recompense from the Pullman and Comley lawyers or law firm for his role in the cover-up.

At a hearing called by judge L. Scott Melville where he made a ruling which covered-up his own role in the attempt to cover-up the theft of my medical films by tampering with evidence, witness tampering, etc., I called the Pullman and Comley attorneys criminals; and when I did so, I waived my right to protection of statements from defamation made in a legal proceeding. When I did so, judge Melville said that if I was not careful, the Pullman and Comley attorneys I had called criminals would be suing me for everything I had. Well, of course the Pullman and Comley attorneys, knowing they were criminals, weren't about to sue me for defamation. But I thought I'd give judge Melville the opportunity to sue me.

Since the hearing I have been naming judge Melville as one of the criminals involved in the attempted cover-up and obstruction of justice regarding the theft of my medical films. In one fax sent to the general fax for judges at the Bridgeport Superior Court on Main Street, I addressed it to the Honorable Criminal L. Scott Melville. I've named him as a criminal in several news releases and other communications. After some investigation as to his role, I said in news releases that judge Melville was presumably bribed or received some "token of appreciation" from the Pullman and Comley attorneys for his role in protecting them from accountability. And of course, like the other criminals relating to the cover-up of the theft, judge Melville hasn't sued me for defamation.

Although the individuals named above haven't sued me for defamation or anything else although I have been naming them as criminals for the past few years, agents of their have engaged in various types of witness intimidation, including threatening, vandalism, and even a death threat.

(Note: In future postings, I'll be exploring the connections between the notorious Michael Skakel trial for the murder of his neighbor Martha Moxley when they were both teenagers in Greenwich and Jonathan Benedict and his Fairfield County State's Attorney's office's conception of the law and similarities of questionable and/or illegal activities in the two cases. Also, I'll be disclosing the effects of the criminal activity in the Fairfield County State's Attorney's office on Connecticut state politics and economic activity in Connecticut.)

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