Monday, July 14, 2008

The Film Michael Clayton and the Fairfield County Legal System

Many of you have probably seen the popular film Michael Clayton starring George Clooney. In this film, the attorney Michael Clayton (George Clooney) was targeted because he knew about criminal, scandalous doings at a large law firm through his friendship with one of the firm's top lawyers who had left it in disgust and on the point of madness from his involvement. I can't help but feel something like this character Michael Clooney. I know a lot about criminal, scandalous activity throughout the Fairfield County legal system, and have been exposing it over the past several tears. As in the film, individuals in the legal system have been targeting me with attempted entrapment, defamation, witness intimidation, and threats. In the film, Michael Clayton went to law-enforcement officials, who before long arrested the corporate attorneys who were committing the criminal activity and who were also a threat to him. In my case, however, it turns out the law-enforcement officials willingly became a part of the criminal activity. I wonder what Michael Clayton would have done if he had run into the situation I have.

The scale of the crimes is different in either case. In the Michael Clayton movie, the corporate law firm was covering up evidence of harmful, and in some cases deadly, consumer medical products (I forget the specifics). In my case, the attorneys James T. Shearin and Timothy A. Bishop at the corporate law firm Pullman and Comley stole about $6,000.00 of medical films of mine needed for an operation. Nonetheless, there is clear, incontrovertible evidence of criminal activity in either case. Michael Clayton is partly a morality tale about the effects of the truth and the intervention of law-enforcement to put a stop to crime.

In Fairfield County, however, the Fairfield County State's Attorney's office's response was to perpetuate and nurture crime, to join with the criminals in an extensive, long-running cover-up of the crime. Sounds like fantasy, but it's the state of affairs large numbers of citizens find themselves in these days not only in Fairfield County but around the U.S. Law-enforcement agencies, as well as other areas of government, have become both overt and surreptitious representatives of major commercial institutions to the detriment of human rights and rights of citizenship. The law-enforcement officials and other government officials and the corporate lawyers and their confederations in higher-level corporate positions think the concept of human rights and rights of citizenship (to be protected against theft, for instance) are quaint, antiquated concepts and values.

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