Monday, July 7, 2008

The Law in Name Only

In commenting a while ago on one of the frequent cases of a Connecticut public official being convicted of crimes and sentenced to jail, the Fairfield County, Connecticut, Congressional representative Christopher Shays remarked, "They don't think they're going to get caught." But the criminal public officials and private attorneys I will be naming in this blog have a more cynical, imperious attitude that even this. These criminals don't even care if they get caught.

The criminal element in the Fairfield County State's Attorney's office and the Pullman and Comley law firm partly jointly and partly independently tried to cover up their crimes out of an awareness of the decency of the mass of ordinary people and their antipathy for criminals. But once the criminals did get caught because of their inherent remoteness from these norms of decency and respectable conduct and their stupidity, they didn't care that they caught. Their positions in the Connecticut legal system afforded them them means to engage others in a metastasizing cover-up and associated criminal activity including an illegal wiretap, witness intimidation, tampering with witnesses, and tampering with evidence. All of this is evident on the basis of incriminating documents, compelling circumstantial evidence, and demonstrable actions of the criminals. And yet the criminals in high-level positions of the Connecticut legal system continue to work within the system as if they have not demonstrated themselves to be hardened, repetitive, flagrant criminals. And they continue to be widely accepted within the legal system as if they are not criminals who have evidenced massive abuse of the system.

In another posting coming soon, I will be giving the broad outlines of the intertwined criminal activity of the Fairfield County State's Attorney's office and the Pullman and Comley law firm; and also identifying the criminals known at this time from evidence I have and what I have witnessed and experienced. In addition to reports and exposes intended to alert Connecticut citizens of serious criminal activity occurring in their legal system which coincidentally reflect a cynical, hostile mindset and related activities among many parts of government and professional circles around the United States, I will be proffering ideas and measures citizens can take to resist this criminal activity. The blog, too, will comment on media reports and information from other sources about activities by organizations and individuals in Connecticut having a bearing on its main concern of the criminal activity I have touched on above.

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Anonymous said...

I have been through a living nightmare with my work related injuries. Recently, I went to a preformal hearing on my own, and the Commissioner used mafia like tactics to try to scare me. And, the attorney that was suppose to be representing me did absolutely nothing in my behalf. I fired him, and filed a complaint against him. Now, no attorney will represent me! And I have a formal hearing in June....

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