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Bridgeport, CT...The case Retirement Program et al v. Madoff, Bernard et al (CV-09-5011561-S) originally filed at the Bridgeport, Connecticut, Superior Court at 1061 Main Street has been moved to the Stamford Superior Court after defense attorneys for the Madoffs and other defendants had been notified of chronic, insoluble crime and corruption at the Bridgeport courthouse. The many defense attorneys from Fairfield and New Haven Counties and New York City were notified of this crime and corruption by Henry Berry, a freelance writer presently living in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport who has been exposing this for the past several years on the basis of first-hand experiences and citizen investigative journalism.

The catalyst for Berry's experiences of and ongoing exposures of the wide-ranging criminal activity and corruption in the private and public sectors of the Fairfield County legal system and other areas of the Connecticut legal system was the theft of roughly $6,000.00 of medical films of his meant for an operation on his neck from an auto injury by attorneys James T. Shearin and Timothy A. Bishop of the Bridgeport office of the Pullman and Comley law firm. Since the theft, Shearin has risen to become head of Pullman and Comley's litigation department. No longer with the firm, Bishop is now a principal in the Stratford law firm Bishop, Jackson, and Kelly.

Other individuals Berry has identified as abetting the attorneys Shearin and Bishop in the cover-up of the theft involving perjury, forgery, subornation of perjury, and other crimes are Bridgeport Superior Court judges William B. Rush, a former Pullman and Comley attorney, and L. Scott Melville, whom Berry has accused of taking a bribe from the Pullman and Comley law firm. Former Fairfield County State's Attorney Jonathan Benedict has also been named, specifically for involvement in a cover-up of an illegal wiretap on Berry's phone.

"It's really no wonder that such crime and corruption flourish in the Connecticut legal system," Berry says. "When I brought it up to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's attention some years ago, he wrote me back saying he wasn't interested in hearing about it, and besides he was helpless regarding it. Criminals and corrupt individuals and organizations throughout the Connecticut legal system have a free pass."

Berry has written a book titled HOW A $6,000.00 THEFT LED TO THE EXPOSURE OF CRIME AND CORRUPTION IN THE CONNECTICUT LEGAL SYSTEM. Links to its chapters are at his website Berry can be reached at PO Box 176, Southport, CT 06890; 203-332-7629 office/cell;


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